Companies I have worked for:

Beacon Light Products is an innovative start-up company bringing high technology products to the lighting industry. Beacon Light has developed the technology to build high temperature, high voltage integrated circuitry into both incandescent light bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps.

Bulbs have been nationally marketed under the brand names of SMART BULB and IQ LIGHTING with Beacon controls incorporated into the base. Both products automatically turn off if left on, or provide dimming without special controls. Other functions include emergency flashers, timed security lights and timed night lights.

Beacon's electronic starter for fluorescent lamps uses the same technology to provide flicker free starts, automatic shut down and dimming with the simplicity, reliability and low cost of magnetic ballasts.

Beacon's EMI complient dimmer for incandescent and inductive loads handles up to 400 Watts in less than 1.5 cubic inches (20 cubic centimeters) while meeting CISPER 15 standards and with less than 5 mA current imbalance.

Computrol is the producer of THE BOTTOM LINE brand of depth sounders and fishfinders and CANNON brand downriggers. It has incorporated sophisticated computer techniques and advanced surface mount technology to produce a simple-to-use high performance product family, producible in high volumes at competitive prices.

Talkie Tooter Canada provides ruggedized radios and radio controls to a variety of industries, including logging, crane control and man-down monitoring.

WESMAR is one of the world leaders in the manufacture of small boat sonars, and supplies other marine electronics. including radar, autopilots and ship's stability equipment.

Rothenbuhler Engineering is a family-owned corporation that is the leading manufacturer of radio controls for the logging industry and a major bank security system manufacturer and supplier.

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