Fluorescent Lighting

The flash - flash - blink - blink of fluorescent lamps starting up has long been an irritation and a sales barrier to more widespread use of energy efficient lighting. Electronic ballasts can eliminate the problem, but at a much higher cost. Electronic starters not only eliminate the problem but provide many of the benefits of electronic ballasts, including longer lamp life and cold weather performance and a fraction of the cost and size. This module is built on a ceramic substrate less than .3 sq. in.

Fluorescent lights have been notoriously difficult to dim. This has contributed to the lack of acceptance in meeting areas and restaurants, where dimming has been widely used. Using the same technology of the electronic starter, it is possible to dim fluorescent lights to less than five percent light output.

If the very best operation is required in cold climates, very close light regulation is required, or flicker interference with video monitors is a problem, then an electronic ballast is the necessary way to go. This ballast operates at 100kHz, down to -40 degrees.

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