Other Projects

The length of the blades from tip to tip was 165 feet, all made from wood in the tradition of wooden airframes. The shaft from the blades was 30 inches in diameter and turned at a maximum rate of 20 RPM. This shaft turned an hydrolic pump which drove a variable displacement motor to regulate the frequency to 60 Hz. The electronic part of the job was to turn it into the wind, bring it up to speed, then match it to the line and connect the breakers, then reverse the process when appropriate.

This is a veterinary unit, mainly to evaluate pregnancy in race horses. Since race horses are by law restricted to natural reproduction, it is very important that every year has a good result. This scanner had a linear array of three or five inches, depending on the model and fit in a suitcase for portability.

Measures the level of liquids or solids and controls equipment as programmed into the microprocessor. Units may be designed for operate at a distance of several inches or up to several hundred feet.

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