Security Systems

For use in bank vaults and for teller alarms, this system included a timer, multiple zones and day-night operation. It is linked to a central station or police station by secure telephone line and features UL approval. Options include a 35mm security camera, bill traps, panic switches, vibration detectors and sound sensors.

This is a very secure telephone link using encrypting algorithms to establish that the telephone line is connected and that it is the proper device on the other end. This device was put on the munitions control list by the government to control exports.

A central monitoring station to control the perimeter of nuclear generating plants. It included a map of the perimeter and critical sites within the area and indicators to track activity. All sensors were monitored for faults and access into and out of certain areas was recorded.

Water front for critical areas such as naval bases and generating plants that take cooling water from large bodies of water are very difficult to monitor. A combination of sonar and radar as well as roving patrols are necessary. Sonar target detection in shallow water is very difficult and software must be very sophisticated to perform well.

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